Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 12

The last day in Spring Lake Park Schools found me up at Northpoint Elementary.  We worked on looking at student data.

We then drove down to Spring Lake Park High School.  When you walked into the school there is a huge rotunda - it is a big circle space.  The rotunda has big window that look out onto the football field.

We stopped in to visit the principal's admin assistant, Maria, she let me answer the phone.

We then got to go talk to Principal Stevenson.  She was really nice.

Auntie Jerelyne then said we were going to a coaches meeting, I told her I love sports.  But she said it was a different kind of coach.  These coaches work with teachers and student learning.  They were learning and working on innovation and design thinking.  They started making paper airplanes to get their brains going and worked in small groups.

I enjoyed my time in Spring Lake Park Schools!  When I left I got this great bag with lots of fun things,

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