Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 11

Today our day started with a meeting with the guys from Apple.  We talked about iPads - all the kids in Spring Lake Park have one to use.

We then got to go to an elementary school.  We went to Northpoint Elementary.  It has kids in Kindergarten through grade 3.  We had to meet with the principal before we could go to visit kids.  Mrs. Kahoun is the principal - she is in the middle.  She is with Mrs. Stalsberg, Continuous Improvement and Innovation Coach and Ms. Wicks the administrative assistant.

We then got to Mrs. Hendrickson's second grade class.  They were doing math when we got there.  They were working on subtraction and were using their iPads with this great app.

When they were done working with the teacher, they spread out all over the room to finish the page in their workbook - I tried to help...

I then took a look around their room.  I found these cool QR codes they used to study about Dr. Suess.

They have a classroom library with lots of good book.

One of the students showed me their birthday balloons - this is how they know when someone has a birthday.

They have lockers in their room to put their coats and backpacks.

Outside their room they had these cool snow globes they made.  Can you see the students inside the snow globe? 

We then walked around the school peeking in different rooms - this room was having a brain break.

We walked by the library - I love books.

I even found Clifford.

There was great artwork all over the school!  I really liked visiting this school - Thanks Mrs. Hendrickson's class for letting me come to visit.

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